Prof. Maria Prandini beim ITR am 4.Juli 2018

Prof. Prandini von der Politecnico di Milano, Italien, besucht unseren Lehrstuhal am 4. July 2018. Sie ist die Zweitprüferin beim Rigorosum von Melanie Kimmel. [mehr]


Finalist Best Paper Award on WODES 2018

The paper entitled “LQG Control via Wireless Sensor Networks with Minimal Power” authored by Touraj Soleymani, Sandra Hirche and John S. Baras has been selected as finalist for the Best Student Paper Award at the 14th Workshop on Discrete Event Systems at Sorrento Coast in Italy...[mehr]


Visiting Scientist Prof. Shinji Hara at ITR on July 2nd, 2018

Prof. Hara, who is Professor of Research and Development Initiative at Chuo University, Japan, will visit our chair on July 2nd. Everybody is kindly invited to research discussions with him.[mehr]


new team member and guests in June 2018

We would like to welcome Armin Lederer, a new team member at ITR, who starts on June 1st. His office is N3503. Please also welcome Pouya Mahdavipour who will visit us as part of the oCPS program of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action for 3 months. His office is N2512. Yongxu He, a...[mehr]


Armin Lederer erhält den Kurt-Fischer Preis für seine Masterarbeit am ITR

Armin Lederer hat den Kurt-Fischer-Preis für seine Masterarbeit "Daten-basierte Ansätze zur modellpraediktiven Regelung" erhalten. Die Masterarbeit wurde am Lehrstuhl für Informationstechnische Regelung durchgeführt und von Jonas Umlauft sowie Sandra Hirche betreut....[mehr]


Seminar by Prof. Jay A. Farrell on April 20th

Prof. Jay A. Farrell from the University of California will give a seminar with the title "Reliably Accurate State Estimation for Autonomous Highway Vehicles" at 10 am in the seminar room N0507. Everybody is kindly invited. Abstract: Accurate and reliable...[mehr]


Prüfungseinsicht 19.04.2018

Die Prüfungseinsicht für alle ITR- sowie LSR-Prüfungen findet am 19. April 2018 ab 15:00 in N0507 statt. [mehr]


LSR/ITR - End-of-semester Labtour for students

The End-of-semester Labtour for students starts on Tuesday, 06.02.2018, at 2:30 pm in N1189 (Theresienstr. 90, N1 Building). Every student is welcome to join.[mehr]