Welcome to the Chair of Information-Oriented Control!

Ordinaria: Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sandra Hirche

At the Chair of Information-oriented Control we focus on research and teaching of control and optimization of cooperative, networked, and distributed dynamical systems. We develop novel methods and tools for the analysis and control of such systems, taking particularly into account model uncertainties as well as limitations pertaining to acquisition of data, communication, and computation.

We apply our methods mainly to human-robot-teams, haptic assistance, cyber-physical systems, and infrastructure systems. While our core competence is control engineering, we have some interdisciplinary collaborations with the fields of psychology (in human-robot interaction) and communications (in networked control systems). Many of the developed methods are experimentally validated in our multi-robot lab.

Temporary Change of Address

Until further notice, ITR will be located at

Theresienstr. 90

Geb. N5, 2nd Floor

80333 München

Youtube Channel

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Robotic cooperative object mainpulation
Bio-inspired autonomous underwater vehicle
MuRoLa - Multi-robot laboratory
WearHap - Balancing experiment
Simulated obstacle detection with an artificial lateral line system
Deformable object manipulation
Cooperative robotics: Mounting a luggage rack
Robotic assistant: Mounting a bumper
Motion capturing system for mobile manipulation
Data-Driven based Control
Impedance-based Gaussian processes for human motor behavior models
Embodiment under autonomous control
Robot team teleoperation for cooperative manipulation task through wearable haptic devices