Student Projects & Theses

Examples of previous theses can be found here.

Initiative applications:

Many interesting bachelor and master thesis topics are assigned before they make it to the listing here. Please inform yourself which research assistants supervise student theses and work in your field of interest and then contact them directly for information about the latest topic. 

If none of the following specified topics matches your interest, please check out our current projects. We welcome initiative applications for projects that are according to your research interest and will try to find a suitable topic.

  • WEARHAP: Physical Human-Robot interaction with wearable haptic device

         Please contact: Selma Music

  • CONHUMO: Modeling human behavior for novel control strategies in safe interactions

         Please contact: Hendrik Börner, Thomas Beckers, Jonas Umlauft

  •  SNOOKIE: Biomimetic underwater robotics

         Please contact: Stefan Sosnowski


Often it is possible to reduce the amount of work of a master thesis to fit for a bachelor thesis. Please check with the respective supervisors if that is the case.